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Farmer case studies

05/2015 Matt Radford focusses on new Type Weighted Index (TWI)

06/2015 Jared Ireland says ABVs an essential tool

07/2015 Elite herd finds BPI the perfect tool: A case study with Jo & Bryan Dickson

02/2015 High priority on health: New Health Weighted Index
A case study with James Neal

03/2015 Health Weighted Index keenly anticipated
A case study with Tim Humphris

03/2015 New breeding indices give Jersey breeders more choice
A case study with Trevor Saunders & Anthea Day

04/2015 Balanced Performance Index wins the day
A case study with Patrick Glass

04/2015 BPI hits the mark at Carenda Holsteins
A case study with Ray Kitchen

2011 Good heifers are the result of good planning
Case study: Con, Jack and Bernadette Glennen

2013 Genetic Progress Report makes best use of herd data: Elaine and Neville Haddon
Case study with Elaine and Neville Haddon

2013 John Lillico says new tool shines light on hard to measure traits
Genetic Progress Report case study: John Lillico (Hindlee)

2013 New tool an eye opener: Sophie Hester
Genetic Progress Report case study: Sophie Hester, Writhgil

2013 Paul & Lisa Mumford: Breeding for profit delivers rapid genetic gain
Genetic Progress Report case study: Paul & Lisa Mumford

2013 Paul & Louise Sherar: Tracking genetic progress
Genetic Progress Report case study: Paul & Louise Sherar