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Good Bulls Guide and Future Stars

The Good Bulls Guide produced by DataGene is a listing of leading available bulls re-ranked by common breeding objectives. The guide helps farmers and semen resellers confidently select semen suited to a farm’s breeding objectives, while still selecting genetic gain for profit.

These files contain top active bulls that meet minimum criteria for Balanced Performance Index (BPI) and reliability. A list of Future Stars is also included. Future Stars are bulls that meet minimum requirements for genetic merit and reliability but are too young to produce sufficient semen.

 Good Bulls Guide (Brown Swiss).pdf (713KB Adobe PDF)
 Good Bulls Guide (Brown Swiss).xlsx (222KB .xlsx file)
 Good Bulls Guide (Guernsey).pdf (820KB Adobe PDF)
 Good Bulls Guide (Guernsey).xlsx (243KB .xlsx file)
 Good Bulls Guide (Red Breeds).pdf (1304KB Adobe PDF)
 Good Bulls Guide (Red Breeds).xlsx (274KB .xlsx file)
 Good Bulls Guide (Jersey).pdf (2885KB Adobe PDF)
 Good Bulls Guide (Jersey).xlsx (319KB .xlsx file)
 Future Stars (Jersey).pdf (170KB Adobe PDF)
 Future Stars (Jersey).xlsx (159KB .xlsx file)
 Good Bulls Guide (Holstein).pdf (19421KB Adobe PDF)
 Future Stars (Holstein).pdf (337KB Adobe PDF)
 Good Bulls Guide (Holstein).xlsx (810KB .xlsx file)
 Future Stars (Holstein).xlsx (164KB .xlsx file)