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ADHIS Technotes

ADHIS Technotes provide a concise summary of issues for farmers and service providers in the herd improvement industry.

 Technote 1 Desciption of ABV traits and indices.pdf (396KB Adobe PDF)
 Technote 2 Type ABVs.pdf (461KB Adobe PDF) Explaining the new expression of Type ABVs
 Technote 3 Feed Saved ABV.pdf (233KB Adobe PDF) Explaining the new Feed Saved ABV
 Technote 4 Survival ABV and Residual Survival ABV.pdf (301KB Adobe PDF) Explaining the difference between Survival and Residual Survival
 Technote 5 Test Day Model.pdf (121KB Adobe PDF) Explaining the test day model applied to production ABVs
 Technote 6 Assessing dairy cows using ABVs.pdf (258KB Adobe PDF) Explaining how farmers can use cow ABVs
 Technote 7 Benefits of herd recording.pdf (115KB Adobe PDF) Explaining the benefits of herd recording to farmers
 Technote 8 Cell count ABV.pdf (275KB Adobe PDF) Explaining how farmers can reduce mastitis using the Cell Count ABV
 Technote 9 Semen fertility values.pdf (108KB Adobe PDF) Explaining how semen fertility values can be used to make small conception rate improvements
 Technote 10 Using the Production Index.pdf (157KB Adobe PDF) Explaining PI and how it differs from ABVs
 Technote 11 Genetic codes.pdf (148KB Adobe PDF)
 Technote 12 Rear teat placement ABV.pdf (241KB Adobe PDF)
 Technote 13 Reading female ABV(g) reports.pdf (287KB Adobe PDF) Explaining highlights of genomic test results
 Technote 16 Haplotypes .pdf (224KB Adobe PDF)
 technote 17 new expression of type abvs.pdf (571KB Adobe PDF) Explaining the new standardised expression of type
 ABV Pocket Guide 2016.pdf (685KB Adobe PDF) Pocket Guide on ABVs and indices
 Fact sheet Feeding the Genes 2016 final.pdf (335KB Adobe PDF)
 Fact sheet Fertility ABV 2016 final.pdf (285KB Adobe PDF)
 Fact Sheet controlling costs.pdf (401KB Adobe PDF) Tactics farmers can use to control herd improvement costs